Data Science with Python

Python Fundamentals:

  • Data Science
  • Python Functions
  • Python Types and Sequences
  • Python more on Strings
  • Python : Reading and Writing on CSV Files
  • Python Dates and Times
  • Advanced Python Objects and Maps
  • Advanced Python Lambda and List Comprehensions
  • Advanced Python Numerical Python Library (Numpy)
  • Quiz: Assessment

Data Processing in Python:

  • Series Data Structure
  • Querying a Series
  • The DataFrame Data Structure
  • DataFrame Indexing and Loading
  • Querying a DataFrame
  • Indexing a DataFrame
  • Missing Values
  • Programming Assessment

Advanced Python Pandas:

  • Merging DataFrames
  • Pandas Idioms
  • Group by
  • Scales
  • Pivot Tables
  • Data Functionality
  • Goodhart’s Law
  • Programming Assessment

Statistical Analysis in Python:

  • Introduction
  • Distribution
  • More Distributions
  • Hypothesis Testing in Python
  • Case Study Hypothesis Testing using NHANES Dataset
  • Programming Assessment
  • Confidence Interval
  • Case Study Confidence Interval using NHANES Dataset

Data Visualizations:

 Using Python for analysis Univariate Data:

  • Important Python Libraries
  • Tables, Histogram, Boxplot in Python
  • Case Study Tables, Histogram, Boxplot using NHANES dataset

Using Python for analysis multivariate Data:

  • Multivariate Data Selection
  • Multivariate Distribution
  • Case Study Multivariate  analysis using NHANES dataset