Power Tool in Excel

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1. Power Pivot

Power Pivot Overview

What is a PowerPivot?

Identifying the Role of Power Pivot in Business Intelligence (BI)

Review of Pivot Tables

Create a PowerPivot Directly from Excel

Adding a second sheet to a Pivot Table

Using the Data Model

What is the Data Model?

Data Sources

Creating a Pivot Table from the Data Model


What is a relationship?

Key fields

Detecting relationships

Creating a relationship

2. Power Query

Power Query Overview

Power Query Introduction

Data and its different source

Load data from different source

Connect to an Excel file

Connect Power Query to a .TXT file

Connect Power Query to webdata

Connect Power Query to folders of data

Extracting data from an external database

Import Data into Power Query

Loading and Refresh

Data Transformation

In built transformation in Power Query

Deleting rows, columns, or blanks

Filtering out data you don’t need

Splitting or joining columns or text

Incorporating the next month’s data to an existing report

Reduce your work with Power Query

Apply the repetitive task in one dataset

Apply all the change in other datasets.

3. Power view course outline

Introduction to PowerView

Introduction to Excel PowerView

About Excel Power View

Activating Excel Power View

Correctly Structure Your Data

Graphs and Visualizations

Create a Column Chart

Create a Bar Chart

Create Line Charts

Creating Pie Charts

Geographical Mapping

Create a Scatterplot Chart

Create Chart with Data relationship

Creating Data Relationships

Creating Graphs with Data Relationships

Creating Scatterplots with Data Relationships

Slicers and Timelines

Using Slicers as interactive filters

Using Timelines to filter date ranges

Interactive Dashboards

Introduction to Interactive Dashboards

Creating Interactive Dashboards

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