C++ Programming

C++ Programming

Chapter 1 Object Oriented Programming Approach

Basic of Object Oriented Programming
Procedure Oriented Versus Object Oriented Programming
Features of Object Oriented Programming(Object,Class,Abstraction,Encapsulation,Inheritance,Reusability,Polymorphism,Dynamic Binding, Message Passing)
Advantage and Disadvantage of OOP

Chapter 2 Object and Classes

C++ Classes
Object and the Member Access
Relation of Object, Class and Memory
Making Outer Function inline
C++ Objects as Physical Object
Array as Data Member
Overloading Member Function
Constructor and Destructor
This Pointer
Static Data and Function
Friend Function and Classes

Chapter 3 Operator Overloading

Overloadable Operators
Syntax of Operator Overloading
Unary Operator Overloading
Binary Operator Overloading

Chapter 4 Inheritance

Base and Derived Class
Forms of Inheritance
Constructor and Destructor in Derived Class

Chapter 5 Virtual Function

Need of Virtual Function
Definition of Virtual Function
Pure Virtual functions and Abstract Class
Virtual Destructor

Chapter 6 Template

Function Template
Overloading Function Template
Function Template with User Defined Arguments
Class Template
Derived Class Template

Chapter 7 Exception Handling

Basics of Exception Handling
Advantage over Conventional Error Handling
Exception Handling Mechanism

Chapter 8 Stream Computation

Input/Output Stream Class Hierarchy
Testing Stream Errors
Unformated Input/Output
Formatted Input/Output
Stream Operator Overloading
File Stream Class Hierarchy
ASCII and Binary Files
Operations on Files
Read/Write From Files
Sequential Access to File
Random Access to File
Testing Error during File Operation