Office Package Detail Course

General knowledge about Computer

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Install and Uninstall Software
  • Control Panel, System Property, Services, Process
  • Typing Method

Operating System

  • Definition
  • Function
  • Evolution of OS

Microsoft word

The Microsoft Word 2013 screen

  • Starting Microsoft Word 2013
  • The Microsoft Word 2013 opening screen
  • To create a new blank document
  • The levels of command organization
  • The file tab
  • Ribbon tabs
  • Groups
  • Dialog box launcher

Starting to use Microsoft Word 2013

  • Using the default Microsoft Word document
  • Saving Microsoft Word documents
  • Opening and closing documents
  • Save as
  • Creating a new, blank document using a keyboard shortcut
  • Using help within Microsoft Word
  • Alt key help
  • Closing Microsoft Word

Using templates to create documents

  • Creating new documents using different templates
  • Using online templates

Manipulating text

  • Select, then format
  • Selecting text
  • Inserting, deleting, undo and redo
  • Insert and overtype mode
  • Copying text within a document
  • Moving (cutting) text within a document

Pining files and folders and opening documents

  • Pinning
  • Recently open documents
  • Viewing a document where you left off

Microsoft Word 2013 text formatting

  • What is text formatting?
  • Font type
  • Font size
  • Decrease and increase font size icons
  • Font size keyboard shortcut
  • Bold, italic and underline
  • Subscript and superscript
  • Case changing
  • Highlighting
  • Font colour
  • Copying text formatting
  • Removing formatting
  • Using zoom
  • Inserting special characters and symbols

Microsoft Word 2013 paragraph formatting

  • Paragraph marks
  • Soft paragraph (line break) marks
  • Recommended techniques for aligning and indenting text
  • Aligning text
  • Indenting paragraphs
  • Applying single or double line spacing within paragraphs
  • Applying spacing above or below paragraphs
  • Using paragraph spacing rather than using the return key
  • Applying bullets to a list
  • Applying numbering a list
  • Modifying bullet and numbering formatting
  • Removing bullet or numbering formatting

Borders and shading within Microsoft Word 2013

  • Using borders and shading
  • Adding a border
  • Modifying borders
  • Adding shading
  • Modifying your shading
  • Applying borders to selected text


  • Tab stops
  • Displaying the ruler
  • Setting and removing tabs using the ruler
  • Viewing tab marks using the show/hide icon

Microsoft Word 2013 styles

  • What are styles?
  • Applying styles

Using Word 2013 design themes

  • Applying a theme colour
  • Apply a customised font

Microsoft Word 2013 page formatting

  • What is page formatting?
  • Page orientation and paper size
  • Changing the page size
  • Page margins
  • Inserting page breaks
  • Deleting page breaks
  • Use page breaks rather than repeatedly pressing the return key
  • Headers and footers
  • Easy header and footer creation
  • Page numbering
  • Header and footer fields
  • Editing text within a header or footer
  • Cover pages
  • Applying automatic hyphenation

Word 2013 views and document navigation

  • Switching between Word views
  • Using the zoom tool
  • Navigating through documents


  • Using tables
  • Inserting a table
  • Navigating within a table
  • Selecting and editing text within a table
  • Selecting cells, rows, columns or the entire table
  • Inserting and deleting rows and columns
  • Modifying column width or row height
  • Modifying the table width
  • Modifying table styles

Using illustrations within Microsoft Word

  • Types of illustrations that you can insert within Word 2013
  • Inserting pictures
  • Inserting online pictures
  • Inserting shapes
  • Inserting SmartArt
  • Inserting a chart
  • Modifying the chart type
  • Modifying the chart style
  • Modifying the chart data
  • Inserting a screenshot
  • Selecting, resizing and deleting illustrations
  • Copying or moving graphics

Finding and replacing text within a Microsoft 2013 document

  • Using find and replace
  • Finding text
  • Replacing text

Using multiple open documents

  • Multitasking with Word 2013
  • Switching between open documents
  • Tiling or cascading documents on your screen
  • Comparing documents side by side
  • Copying or moving selected items between documents

Microsoft Word 2013 mail merge

  • What is mail merging?
  • Starting the mail merge wizard
  • Mail merge wizard – step 1 of 6 ‘select document type’
  • Mail merge wizard – step 2 of 6 ‘select starting document’
  • Mail merge wizard – step 3 of 6 ‘select recipients’
  • Mail merge wizard – step 4 of 6 ‘write your letter’
  • Mail merge wizard – step 5 of 6: previewing your letters
  • Mail merge wizard – step 6 of 6 printing options
  • Creating a mailing list to be used within a mail merge
  • Merging a mailing list to produce labels

Microsoft Excel

Getting started with Excel 2013

  • Starting Excel 2013 using windows 7 (or previous versions)
  • Selecting the blank worksheet template
  • The Excel 2013 cell referencing system
  • Entering numbers and text
  • Default text and number alignment
  • Summing a column of numbers
  • Entering a date
  • Worksheets and workbooks
  • Saving a workbook to your hard disk
  • Closing a workbook
  • Creating a new workbook
  • Opening a workbook
  • Opening a recently used workbook
  • Pinning files and folders
  • Switching between workbooks
  • Saving a workbook using another name
  • Saving a workbook using a different file type
  • Getting help within Excel 2013
  • Searching for help
  • The help ‘table of contents’
  • Printing a help topic
  • Alt key help
  • Using other Excel templates

Excel 2013 selection techniques

  • Why are selection techniques important?
  • Selecting a cell
  • Selecting a range of connecting cells
  • Selecting a range of non-connecting cells
  • Selecting the entire worksheet
  • Selecting a row
  • Selecting a range of connecting rows
  • Selecting a range of non-connected rows
  • Selecting a column
  • Selecting a range of connecting columns
  • Selecting a range of non-connecting columns
  • Recommended techniques when creating or editing lists

Manipulating rows and columns within Excel 2013

  • Inserting rows into a worksheet
  • Inserting columns into a worksheet
  • Deleting rows within a worksheet
  • Deleting columns within a worksheet
  • Modifying column widths
  • Modifying column widths using ‘drag and drop’
  • Automatically resizing the column width to fit contents
  • Modifying row heights

Manipulating cells and cell content within Excel 2013

  • Copying a cell or range contents within a workbook
  • Deleting cell contents
  • Moving the contents of a cell or range within a workbook
  • Editing cell content
  • Undo and redo
  • Copying data between worksheets (within the same workbook)
  • Moving data between worksheets (within the same workbook)
  • Moving data worksheets (between different workbooks)
  • Copying data between worksheets (in different workbooks)
  • AutoFill
  • Copying a data range using AutoFill
  • Sorting a cell range
  • Searching and replacing data

Excel 2013 worksheets

  • Switching between worksheets
  • Renaming a worksheet
  • Recommended techniques with naming worksheets
  • Inserting a new worksheet
  • Deleting a worksheet
  • Copying a worksheet within a workbook
  • Moving a worksheet within a workbook
  • Copying or moving worksheets between workbooks

Font formatting within Excel 2013

  • Font formatting options
  • Font type
  • Font size
  • Bold, italic, underline formatting
  • Cell border formatting
  • Formatting the background colour
  • Formatting the font colour

Alignment formatting within Excel 2013

  • Horizontally aligning contents in a cell range
  • Centring a title over a cell range
  • Cell orientation
  • Text wrapping within a cell
  • Aligning cell contents vertically
  • Format painter

Number formatting within Excel 2013

  • Number formatting
  • Decimal point display
  • Applying and removing comma style formatting (to indicate thousands)
  • Currency symbol
  • Date styles
  • Percentages

Freezing row and column titles within Excel 2013

  • Freezing row and column titles

Excel 2013 formulas

  • Creating formulas
  • The easy way to create formulas
  • Copying formulas
  • Operators
  • Using operators in formulas
  • Formula error messages
  • Relative cell referencing within formulas
  • Absolute cell referencing within formulas

Excel 2013 functions

  • What are functions?
  • Common functions
  • Sum function
  • Average function
  • Max function
  • Min function
  • Count function
  • The counta function
  • The countblank function
  • What are ‘if functions’?
  • Using the if function

Excel 2013 charts

  • Inserting a column chart
  • Inserting a line chart
  • Inserting a bar chart
  • Inserting a pie chart
  • Resizing a chart
  • Deleting a chart
  • Chart title or labels
  • Changing the column, bar, line or pie slice colours in a chart
  • Modifying the legend fill colour
  • Changing the chart type
  • Modifying charts using the layout tab
  • Copying and moving charts within a worksheet
  • Copying and moving charts between worksheets
  • Copying and moving charts between workbooks

Microsoft Power Point

Using PowerPoint 2013

  • Opening PowerPoint 2013
  • Opening a presentation
  • Navigating between slides
  • Using the zoom tool
  • Changing PowerPoint views
  • Using help
  • Searching for help
  • Using the help table of contents
  • Saving a presentation
  • Closing a presentation
  • Closing PowerPoint
  • Opening multiple presentations
  • Switching between multiple presentations

Creating a PowerPoint 2013 presentation

  • Creating a new presentation
  • Inserting a new slide
  • Recommended techniques when creating slide content
  • Undo and redo
  • Saving a presentation
  • Saving a presentation using a different name

Manipulating slides within PowerPoint 2013

  • Inserting slides with a particular slide layout
  • Modifying the slide layout
  • Changing the background colour on the active slide
  • Changing background colour on all the slides within a presentation

PowerPoint 2013 design themes

  • Applying a theme to a presentation
  • Modifying the theme colours
  • Modifying the theme fonts

Text boxes

  • Editing text boxes (placeholders)
  • Resizing a text box (placeholder)
  • Moving a text box (placeholder)

Manipulating text in PowerPoint 2013

  • Selecting text
  • Moving text within a slide
  • Moving text between slides within a presentation or between presentations
  • Copying text within a slide
  • Copying text between slides within a presentation or between presentations
  • Deleting text
  • Using find
  • Using replace

Font formatting within PowerPoint 2013

  • Font formatting options
  • Changing the font type
  • Changing font size
  • Increasing or decreasing the font size
  • Bold, italic or underline formatting
  • Strikethrough effects
  • Shadow effects
  • Character spacing
  • Changing case
  • Font colour
  • Clearing all text formatting

Paragraph formatting within PowerPoint 2013

  • Text alignment
  • Columns
  • Modifying bullet point formatting
  • Using numbering instead of bullet points
  • Changing the list level
  • Indenting bulleted text
  • Line spacing vs. Paragraph spacing
  • Line spacing
  • Paragraph spacing
  • Using outline view
  • PowerPoint presenter notes
  • Text direction
  • Text alignment within a text box (placeholder)
  • Text AutoFit
  • Using the format painter

Tables and PowerPoint 2013

  • Table selection techniques
  • Column selection
  • Row selection
  • Entire table selection
  • Creating a table
  • Applying a style to a table
  • Cell background shading
  • Applying table effects
  • Adding ‘quick styles’ to selected text
  • Applying borders to cells
  • Deleting a column
  • Deleting a row
  • Inserting rows or columns
  • Modifying column width and row height
  • Distributing rows and columns

PowerPoint 2013 & illustrations

  • Selecting an illustration
  • Selecting multiple illustrations
  • Moving an illustration
  • Copying an illustration
  • Deleting an illustration
  • Resizing an illustration
  • Stretching an illustration
  • Copying illustrations between presentations
  • Moving illustrations between presentations
  • Inserting illustrations within PowerPoint
  • Inserting pictures from your hard disk
  • Inserting online pictures or clip art
  • Inserting shapes
  • Inserting text into a shape
  • Inserting perfect circles or perfect squares
  • Inserting a line
  • Inserting a free drawn line
  • Inserting an arrow
  • Inserting a text box
  • Inserting SmartArt

Manipulating illustrations within PowerPoint 2013

  • Formatting the shape background fill colour style
  • Applying a shadow to an illustration
  • Modifying arrow line shapes and size
  • Rotating or flipping an illustration
  • Rotating illustrations by dragging with the mouse
  • Layering illustrations to the front or back
  • Aligning graphics relative to each other or relative to the slide
  • Aligning shapes relative to the left of a slide
  • Aligning shapes relative to the centre of a slide
  • Aligning shapes relative to the right of a slide
  • Aligning shapes relative to the top of a slide
  • Aligning shapes relative to the bottom of a slide
  • Grouping and ungrouping objects

Charts in PowerPoint 2013

  • Inserting charts and editing the chart data
  • Changing the chart type
  • Changing the background colour in the chart
  • Changing the column, bar, line or pie slice colours in the chart
  • Chart title manipulation
  • Adding data labels to a chart

Manipulating slides within PowerPoint 2013

  • Moving slides within a presentation or between presentations
  • Copying slides within a presentation
  • Deleting a slide or slides
  • Copying slides between presentations
  • Moving slides between presentations

PowerPoint 2013 slide masters

  • What is a slide master?
  • Inserting a picture (clipart) into a master slide
  • Removing a picture or shape from a master slide

Headers, footers and slide numbering

  • Creating a footer
  • Automatic slide numbering
  • Inserting dates into the footer

PowerPoint 2013 slide shows

  • Running a slide show
  • Adding slide show transition effects
  • Removing transition effects
  • Adding slide show animation effects
  • Modifying slide show animation effects
  • Removing animation effects
  • Hiding slides
  • Displaying hidden slides within a slide show

Video creation using PowerPoint 2013

  • Inserting hyperlinks into slides
  • Converting a PowerPoint presentation into a video
  • Uploading a video to YouTube

Printing and proofing in PowerPoint 2013

  • Spell-checking a presentation
  • Using portrait or landscape slide orientation
  • Switching between standard and widescreen formats
  • Selecting your output format
  • Visually inspect each slide before printing
  • Printing options
  • Setting the number of copies to print
  • Selecting a different printer
  • Printing selected slides
  • Setting the number of slides per page to be printed
  • Single or double sided (duplex) printing
  • To print a presentation

Microsoft Access


  • What is a database?
  • Database examples
  • What is a relational database?
  • What is a table?
  • What is a record (row)?
  • What is a field (column)?
  • What is data?
  • The difference between data and information
  • Data types
  • Common uses of large-scale databases
  • Keeping data discrete
  • Each field should contain only one item
  • Database designers, database administrators and database users


  • Opening a database within your samples folder
  • Trusted locations – using the trust centre
  • Setting the default folder location within Access


  • Creating a new blank database
  • Adding fields and setting the field type
  • About Access data types
  • Closing and naming a table


  • Opening a table within a database
  • Switching between ‘datasheet view’ and ‘design view’
  • Adding records to a table
  • Saving the changes made to a table
  • Navigating through records within a table
  • Adjusting the column width
  • Automatically resizing a column width to fit contents
  • Moving a column to rearrange the column order


  • Field properties
  • Input masks
  • Validating numbers
  • Validating dates
  • Data entry required / not required
  • Field properties – reference materials
  • Field properties – logical operators
  • Field properties – validation rule examples
  • Field properties – general
  • Field properties – format
  • Field properties – input mask characters
  • Field properties – input mask examples


  • Renaming a table
  • Editing data within a record
  • Deleting data within a record
  • Using the undo command
  • Deleting a single record
  • Deleting multiple records
  • Using save as to back up the database using a different file name
  • Deleting a table


  • Defining a primary key
  • Indexing – reference notes
  • Creating a single-field index
  • Creating a multiple-field index
  • Deleting multi-field indexes


  • Text filters
  • Applying a single filter
  • Clearing a single filter
  • Creating multiple filters
  • Clearing multiple filters


  • Sorting records a-z
  • Sorting records z-a
  • Removing a sort
  • Sorting on multiple fields


  • Searching through records
  • Access 2013 relationships
  • Table relationships
  • One-to-many relationship
  • Many-to-many relationship
  • One-to-one relationships
  • Creating relationships between tables
  • About referential integrity
  • Enabling referential integrity
  • Cascade options
  • Cascade update related fields
  • Cascade delete related records
  • Enabling cascade options
  • Deleting relationships


  • Forms overview
  • Creating forms
  • Modifying forms
  • Modifying a form title
  • Changing a form logo
  • Modifying a form label
  • Saving a form
  • Form view
  • Adding and formatting attachments
  • Modifying data within records
  • Deleting records using a form
  • Adding records using a form
  • Adding or deleting text in a record using a form
  • Closing forms
  • Opening forms
  • Deleting a form
  • Filtering a form
  • Removing a filter from a form
  • Inserting and modifying a form header
  • Inserting and modifying a form footer

Microsoft Outlook


  • Starting outlook 2013
  • The Microsoft outlook 2013 screen
  • Help in outlook 2013
  • Printing help sheets
  • Microsoft outlook navigation pane
  • Microsoft outlook ribbon
  • Closing outlook


  • What is email?
  • The structure of an email address
  • The advantages of using email
  • SMS (Short Message Service)
  • Voice over internet protocol (VOIP)
  • Instant messaging
  • Online (virtual) communities
  • Social networking websites
  • Internet forums
  • Chat rooms
  • Online computer games


  • Spam
  • Viruses
  • Phishing
  • Digital signatures


  • Creating and sending your first email
  • Checking that your email was sent
  • Sending emails to more than one person
  • Receiving and reading emails
  • Sending a copy of a message to another address
  • What is a blind carbon copy?
  • Sending a copy of a message to another address using blind carbon copy (bcc)
  • Think about the message subject – short and descriptive
  • Spell checking your messages
  • Attaching a file to a message
  • Deleting an attached file
  • Issues when sending file attachments
  • Setting message importance
  • Setting message sensitivity
  • Saving a draft copy of an email


  • The inbox folder
  • Opening the inbox folder
  • The inbox screen
  • Selecting a message
  • Reading a message
  • Switching between open message windows
  • Forwarding a message
  • Opening or saving an attached file
  • Replying to the sender of a message
  • Replying to the sender and all recipients of a message
  • Setting message reply options so that the original message is inserted, or not inserted
  • Printing a message
  • Printing options


  • Selecting a word within the message window
  • Selecting a line within the message window
  • Selecting a paragraph within the message window
  • Selecting all text within the message window
  • Selecting text using the mouse
  • Copying text to the clipboard from a message
  • Pasting text from the clipboard into a message
  • Copying text from one message to another
  • Cutting text to the clipboard from a message
  • Moving text from one message to another
  • Deleting text in a message
  • Deleting text to the left of the insertion point
  • Deleting text to the right of the insertion point


  • What are people contacts?
  • Opening the people folder
  • Creating a contact
  • Adding the sender of a message to your contacts list
  • Addressing an email to a contact
  • Deleting a contact
  • What is a contact group?
  • Creating a new contact group
  • Adding an email address to a customised contact group
  • Removing an email address from a contact list
  • Sending an email to an entire contact group list


  • Searching for a particular email message
  • Searching for messages by sender, subject or content
  • Creating a new mail folder
  • Moving a message to a different folder
  • Deleting a mail folder
  • Sorting the contents of the inbox
  • Deleting a message
  • Opening the ‘deleted items’ folder
  • Restoring a message from the ‘deleted items’ folder
  • Emptying the ‘deleted items’ folder
  • Automatically emptying the ‘deleted items’ folder when you exit outlook
  • Flagging a message
  • Removing a flag mark from a mail message
  • Marking a message as unread
  • Marking a message as read

Microsoft Publisher


  • Opening Publisher 2013
  • The Publisher 2013 window
  • Closing Publisher
  • Where to save files to


  • Selecting a publication type and template
  • Searching for online templates
  • Opening an existing publication
  • Using colour schemes
  • Modifying the font scheme


  • Creating a text box and entering text
  • Selecting text
  • Modifying font colour & fonts
  • Modifying line spacing
  • Modifying text alignment
  • Inserting drop caps
  • Creating a custom drop down cap style
  • Inserting symbols
  • Inserting the date and time
  • Using the format painter
  • Using undo and redo
  • Using kerning, tracking & scaling
  • Inserting bullets & numbers
  • Text AutoFit


  • Inserting pages
  • Moving pages
  • Deleting pages
  • Inserting page numbers
  • Inserting sections
  • Inserting headers and footers


  • Inserting an online picture
  • Inserting a picture from a file
  • The picture tools format tab
  • Inserting AutoShapes
  • Modifying AutoShape properties
  • Grouping and ungrouping AutoShapes
  • Rotating and flipping AutoShapes
  • Inserting a WordArt object
  • Modifying WordArt properties


  • Displaying the rulers
  • The horizontal and vertical guides
  • The layout guides dialog box
  • Baseline guides
  • Grid guides
  • Margin guides
  • Align commands
  • Distribute commands
  • Nudge commands


  • Customizing the background
  • Applying a colour scheme
  • Creating a customised colour scheme
  • Deleting a colour scheme that you have created
  • Applying, creating & deleting a font scheme
  • Inserting information into a publication
  • Creating a new business information set
  • Editing your business information


  • Inserting tables
  • Selecting tables
  • Merging & splitting cells
  • Deleting tables
  • Using table AutoFormat
  • Format table dialog box options


  • Inserting a text box
  • Moving a text box
  • Modifying text box direction
  • Resizing a text box
  • Text fit
  • Deleting a text box


  • Master pages
  • Creating, editing & applying master pages


  • AutoRecover options
  • AutoCorrect options
  • Spelling options


  • Spell checking a publication
  • Print preview & zoom
  • The design checker
  • Printing options
  • Packing a publication options

Scanning & Printing

  • Scan required document
  • Setting the pixel of scanned image
  • Setting the default location for storage
  • Printing the document
  • Photocopy the required document

Surfing Internet

  • Introduction to the WWW
  • Concept of Cloud Storage and Servers
  • How to find the required material in web
  • Search engine working mechanism

Basic Webpage Designing

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Basic HTML Tags
  • Working with fonts
  • Display images in your web page
  • Hyperlink the internal and external link