Advanced Access

Advanced Access Course Content

Access Introduction

Database concepts and terminology

  • Database terminology and concepts
  • Exploring the Access environment
  • Planning and designing databases
  • Getting help
  • Closing a database and Access

Access Basics

  • Exploring Tables
  • Exploring Forms
  • Examining Queries
  • Exploring Reports

Creating a Database

  • Create a new Database
  • Creating a Table
  • Entering Field Names and Data Types
  • Add a Primary Key
  • Enter Records into a Table

Working with Fields and Records

  • Modify a table design
  • Find values in a table
  • Filter Records
  • Sort Records

Querying Tables

  • Create, run, sort and save queries
  • Modify query results
  • Use Comparison Operators AND, OR, NOT, BETWEEN
  • Find record with empty fields
  • Create queries from more than one table
  • Creating a Summary query

Creating and using Forms

  • Create a form automatically
  • Create a form with the Form Wizard
  • Modify a Form in Design View
  • Find, sort and filter records when using a Form

Creating and using Reports

  • Create reports with the Report Wizard from tables or queries
  • Group records in a report and summarize data
  • Modify and print reports

Importing, Exporting and Linking Objects

  • Importing from Excel
  • Importing Objects from Access
  • Exporting Objects to Access
  • Linking Access Tables
  • Linked Table Manger

Access Intermediate

Creating a relational database

  • Set relationships between tables
  • Relationship types
  • Referential integrity between tables

Working with Related Tables

  • The Lookup Wizard
  • Using Design view to modify Lookup field properties

Defining data entry rules

  • Use the Input Mask wizard
  • Setting field properties

Use advanced query features

  • Join tables in queries
  • Joining tables in design view
  • Using the Query Wizard
  • Create calculated fields
  • Create action queries

Create advanced queries

  • Find duplicate records
  • Find unmatched records in different tables
  • Create cross-tab queries
  • Use parameter queries
  • Using indexes to speed up sorting and filtering data in tables

Creating advanced form design

  • Use contros to add graphics to a form
  • Image controls & unbound object frame controls
  • Adding calculations in a form
  • Aligning controls in a form
  • Adding a combo box to search records
  • Tab order

Use advanced report features

  • Creating customised headers and footers
  • Set properties to group data

Access Advanced

Creating advanced forms

  • Build a form based on joined tables
  • Use functions to automate form data entry
  • Add tab controls to a form
  • Inserting and reordering pages
  • Renaming a page
  • Adding fields
  • Insert a subform and change subform properties
  • Create and use group controls in forms

Creating macros and automation

  • Build a standard Switchboard
  • Adding a new Switchboard page
  • Setting the Switchboard to Auto Open
  • Unrestricting views
  • Create a macro to automate tasks
  • Creating the macro
  • Editing the macro
  • Attach macros to events of database objects

Exploring Access SQL

  • Identify different clauses in SQL statements
  • Selecting specific fields
  • Selecting All fields in a table
  • Selecting fields with a criteria
  • SQL Statement to display matching data
  • SQL Statement to display matching data and all data from primary table
  • Attaching an SQL statement to a database object
  • Creating a Union Query

Use hyperlinks, attachments and embedded objects

  • Create and work with hyperlink fields
  • Create and work with attachment fields
  • Create and use embedded object fields

Manage and split a database

  • Use Analyze Performance
  • Save a database to an earlier version
  • Default blank database version
  • Split a database

Protect and customize a database

  • Open a database as exclusive
  • Set a database password
  • Remove a database password
  • Use Access options to custom a database
  • The Options dialog box
  • Quick Reference: Acccess Shortcuts