Advanced Powerpoint and Publisher Corporate training

1.1 Powerpoint Animation

1. Entrance (When the object enters)
Effect option (to change the direction)
2. Emphasis (when object is in the slide)
3. Exit (When object is exit from slide)
4. Motion Paths (To move from one point to other)
Animation Pane (to change the order of the animation)

Animation Assignment:

Make the download progress bar
Changing picture in same slide
Make a Fruit slide for kids
Rotating multiple picture in same slide

1.2. Powerpoint Master Slide

Introduce theme and color combination
Open a normal slide and make it change with help of master slide
Make own layout with custom desing and custom color combination

2. MS Publisher

1. Introduction to all the tools

2. Designing of Invitation Card

3. Designing of Visiting Card

4. Banner

5. Poster