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Power BI lets you create reports and dashboards that are visually appealing and understandable. In this course, you’ll learn to create insightful visualisations through built-in and customised charts and conditional formatting. A business can reach new heights by using the Power BI tool.

Power BI provides the ability to collaborate and share customised dashboards and interactive reports across colleagues and organisations, easily and securely. Power BI can be used for any department of a company, any size of company for data visualisation and gaining meaningful insight out of it in an interactive and understandable format. 

With the use of power BI, students can prepare and model data, create visualisation as well as do advanced data analysis. There are little to no prerequisites for using power BI and as anyone with some experience in using Microsoft office will be able to quickly pick up the skills required for power BI. Power BI is also compatible with multiple sources including excel, SQL and cloud-based data repositories which makes it an excellent choice for data scientist and analyst.

Benefits of Power BI

  • Power BI helps businesses to make data-driven decisions by way of interactive dashboards and Business Intelligence reports.
  • Making things visually appealing and the access of Drag and Drop features.
  •  Allows Analysis and Sharing of Big Data
  • Personalised Dashboards and Interactive Reports

Job opportunities for Power BI 

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Developer
  • Software Engineer

The Benefits of Using Power BI

  • Centralising your data – Power BI offers unparalleled insight into your business via easy-to-use BI dashboards. Even if you have disparate systems, you’ll still be able to aggregate this data into one location.
  • Better decision making – Having all your data in one place on BI dashboards will help you to make better decisions such as, for example, having a real-time view of current sales and your sales pipeline. Marketing and sales statistics can all be fed into Power BI, equipping you with the information you need to make strategic and intelligent decisions.
  • Anywhere, anyplace access – You can take Power BI anywhere on your tablet or laptop. You’ll be able to export insights gleaned easily with a touch of a button.
  • Low cost – Power BI is available on a monthly subscription at various price points to suit your needs and budget compared to other solutions available in the marketplace.
  • Meaningful future planning– Thanks to technologies such as machine learning capabilities, which are included in Power BI premium licenses and allow you to connect it to your Microsoft Azure machine learning models, it can help base future planning on more solid intelligence as opposed to vague crystal ball gazing.
  • Data handling capacity– The increasing amounts of data gathering means less comprehensive platforms cannot easily process it: Power BI provides high data processing capabilities to meet the challenges of increased data capture.

With Power BI, Microsoft has brought data warehouse technologies into desk-based applications, thus providing businesses an affordable and – thorough initial setup help and training from an experienced BI consultant – a ‘hands-on’ way for you to grow your Business Intelligence.


Course Content

  • Get Power BI Desktop
  • Getting started with Power BI Desktop
  • Overview of Power BI
  • Data Sources in Power BI Desktop
  • Import Excel Workbooks
  • Data Type in Power BI Desktop
  • Explore Pivot Feature
  • Data import from Folder
  • Append multiples files
  • Transforming Data (Combine Files)
  • Joins (Left, Right, Inner, Outer)
  • Transforming Data (Merging Queries)
  • Refresh the data
  • Data Connect from multiple source
  • Delimited text files
  • JSON file
  • XML file
  • Connect to web data
  • Data Transformation
  • Transforming Data (Appending Queries)
  • Transforming Data (M Query Basics)
  • Connect to API
  • We will take some available examples
  • Pivot feature in Power BI
  • Unpivot feature in Power BI
  • Advance Data Transformation
  • Introduction to Modeling Data
  • Data Mappping (Relationship between tables)
  • One to One
  • One to Many
  • Many to Many
  • Introduction to Database connection from Power BI Desktop
  • Connect Access Database
  • Connect Oracle Database (If available in your machine)
  • Connect MySQL Databas (If available in your machine)
  • Connect SQL Server Database (If available in your machine)
  • Basics DAX
  • Creating Calculated Columns
  • Navigation Functions
  • Conditional and Logical Functions
  • Calculated tables
  • Creating Calculated Measures (Measure Basics)
  • Creating Calculated Measures (Time Intelligence Functions)
  • Advanced DAX
  • Working with Variables
  • Working with Filter Context (What is Filter Context?)
  • Working with Filter Context (CALCULATE)
  • Working with Filter Context (Overriding Filter Context)
  • Working with Filter Context (FILTER)
  • Working with Filter Context (FILTER and ALL)
  • Working with Filter Context (ALLEXCEPT)
  • Advanced DAX Function (CONTAINS)
  • Advanced DAX Function (FIND)
  • Advanced DAX Function (SEARCH and SUBSTITUTE)
  • Advanced DAX Function (ALLSELECTED)
  • Introduction to Visualization in Power BI Desktop
  • Branding (Size, Header, Spacing, Footer)
  • Introduction to Visualization in Power BI Desktop
  • Branding (Size, Header, Spacing, Footer)
  • Insert Image, Shape, Text Box
  • Creating Basic Reports with the Power BI Desktop
  • Start Data Visualization
  • Prepare Awesome Dashboard
  • Bar Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Scatter Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Gauge Chart
  • Funnel Chart
  • Card Visuals
  • KPI Chart
  • Table Chart
  • Matrix Chart
  • Tree Map
  • Slicer
  • Map
  • Using the Power BI Service (Deploying to the Power BI Service)
  • Using the Power BI Service (Creating and Sharing Dashboards)
  • Using the Power BI Service (Setting up App Workspaces)
  • Using the Power BI Service (Concept of Report, Dashboard, Power BI App)
  • Using the Power BI Service (Concept on development environment and production environment)
  • Using the Power BI Service (Subscriptions and Alerts)
  • Using the Power BI Service (Export and Embed Options)
  • Refreshing the Data (Refreshing Data Overview)
  • Refreshing the Data (Installing the Data Gateway)
  • Refreshing the Data (Scheduling a Data Refresh)
  • Understand End to End process for a Power BI Dashboard.

About the instructor


BI Solution Architect

Hi I am Dipu Maharjan. I am working as BI Solution Architect. I have experience more than 13 years as Data Analyst, Database Programmer, BI Developer and Trainer.


Project Manager

Hello!! It's me Sharmila Shrestha. I am working as IT Project Manager on different project. I had working as an operation Manager at Mentor IT for 5 years.

Subash Manandhar

Software Engineer

Hello, It's me Subash Manandhar graduated as Computer Engineer from KEC Kalimati, Kathmandu. I am currently working as Software Engineer at Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd .
reviewer image

Yadev KC

It was a pleasent experience, the tutor was well prepared and sufficient resources were provided as well.

reviewer image

Deepak Bhattrai

Trainer has a very strong mastery on the subject  matter with sofft voice. I enjoyed.
The Technical subject matter was very Interesting.

reviewer image

Surendra Mohan Yadav

Instructional skill of instructor is excellent. He is quite resourceful in powerBi and explain content in simple way. He is dedicated and provides every opportunity to transfer his skillet to learner. Last but not least there is place for improvement in time reallocation.

reviewer image

Binod Sharma

Overall I found the training was good in terms of contents and delivery. I really enjoyed learning.

reviewer image

Kishor Katuwal

The training was fruitful. I will encourage my colleagues and friend to participate in such training in the future.

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    Course Features

  • Total Credit Hours30 hrs
  • Course CostUSD 149.40