Government Tax and Vat

Nepal Government Tax

Concept  of Tax

  • Defination of Tax
  • Types of Income
  • Income year
  • Person
  • Residential status
  • Tax Assessable Income

Tax exemption and concession

  • Tax exempt income
  • concessional tax rate

Income from Employment

  • Meaning of Employment income
  • Amounts included in Employment Income
  • Amounts excluded from Employment Income
  • Allowable reduction
  • Calculation of  total Tax liability from Employment

Income from Business

  • Meaning of Business income
  • Amounts included in Business Income
  • Amounts excluded from Business Income
  • Allowable deduction
  • Calculation of  total Tax liability from Business

Income from Investment

  • Meaning of Investment income
  • Amounts included in Investment Income
  • Amounts excluded from Investment Income
  • Allowable deduction, Reduction
  • liability from Investment

Tax Returns

  • Tax returns & Tax payments

Nepal Government VAT

  • General concept of VAT
  • Definition of VAT
  • VAT applicable transactions

Fine and penalties

  • Calculation of fines for delay in submission of returns
  • non- compliance of provisions