Epi Info

About Epi Info

Epi Info is statistical software for epidemiology developed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia (US).

Epi Info has been in existence for over 20 years and is currently available for Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS, along with a web and cloud version. The program allows for electronic survey creation, data entry, and analysis. Within the analysis module, analytic routines include t-tests, ANOVA, nonparametric statistics, cross tabulations and stratification with estimates of odds ratios, risk ratios, and risk differences, logistic regression (conditional and unconditional), survival analysis (Kaplan Meier and Cox proportional hazard), and analysis of complex survey data. The software is an open-source project with limited support.

An analysis conducted in 2003 documented over 1,000,000 downloads of Epi Info from 180 countries.

Course outline for Epi Info

1. Introduction to Epi Info .


Navigating Epi Info.

Analysis Components

Opening a Dataset .

Write Your Data Table Permanently to the Database .

Creating a Backup of Your Database

Reading (Importing) a Table .

Viewing Data in a List 

2. Variables 


Defining a Variable .

Assign a Variable 

Undefine a Variable 

Recode a Variable .

Writing Results to a New Table 

3. Basics Statistics.


Calculating Derived Variables 

Running a Frequency

Creating a Basic Table 

Reading an Output Table.

Creating a Graph .

Creating Labels for Outputs 

Using the Program Editor

4. If…Then… Statements 


Assign a Variable Based on  Variable.

Assign a Variable Based on  or More Variables .

5. Hypotheses tests




6. Saved Programs .


What are Saved Programs? .

Running a Saved Program.

Opening a Saved Program.