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PowerPoint is a presentation-based program that uses graphics, videos, etc. to make a presentation appear more interactive and interesting. You will be able to create a presentation using a specific theme, formatting, text, images and tables that explain in a creative way about the topic you will be presenting.It will help you design your presentation in a unique and attractive way.

Advanced PowerPoint has the objective of tutoring the trainees on a step-by-step method to quickly build solid, Interactive, and pleasing slides for the corporate environment. PowerPoint definitely provides multiple benefits to users as It is widely used and considered the "standard" for presentation software.


Benefits of the course

  • Good level of proficiency in optional presentation including slide transitions, animations, layouts, templates etc can be achieved. 
  • Spend Less Time Formatting
  • PowerPoint offers the option to export its slides to alternative file formats, including GIF and JPG images.
  • Be an  expert at manipulating your templates.
  • It is widely used and considered the "standard" for presentation software.
  • A proper Powerpoint presentation will make it easier for others to understand.

Job opportunities

  • Presentation Designer
  • Mid to Top level Manager

Course Content

  • Entrance (When the object enters)Effect option (to change the direction)
  • Emphasis (when object is in the slide)
  • Exit (When object is exit from slide)
  • Motion Paths (To move from one point to other)Animation Pane (to change the order of the animation)
  • Make the download progress bar
  • Changing picture in same slide
  • Make a Fruit slide for kids
  • Rotating multiple picture in same slide
  • Introduce theme and color combination
  • Open a normal slide and make it change with help of master slide
  • Make own layout with custom desing and custom color combination

About the instructor


BI Solution Architect

Hi I am Dipu Maharjan. I am working as BI Solution Architect. I have experience more than 13 years as Data Analyst, Database Programmer, BI Developer and Trainer.

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    Course Features

  • Total Credit Hours10 hrs
  • Course CostUSD 37.35