Power BI

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Power BI Course Content

1. Overview

Get Power BI Desktop
Getting started with Power BI Desktop

2. Connect to Data

Data Sources in Power BI Desktop
Connect to web data
Import Excel Workbooks
Analysis Services Tabular Data

3. Shape and Combine Data

Query overview
Shape and combine data
Data categorization
Relationship view
Create and manage relationships in Power BI Desktop
Common query tasks

4. Data Fundamentals

Data Type in Power BI Desktop
Measures in Power BI Desktop
Tutorial: Create your own measures
Calculated columns
Tutorial: Create calculated columns
DAX Basics
Calculated tables

5. Working with Reports

Report View
Sort by column
Tips and tricks for creating reports
Import and display KPIs (Preview)

6. Creating Solutions

Tutorial: Importing and analyzing data from a web page
Tutorial: Analyzing sales data from Excel and an OData feed
Tutorial: Facebook analytics

7. Sharing your Work

Publish from Power BI Desktop
Dashboards in Power BI
Share a dashboard from Power BI

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