Core Java

Part-1 (Basic Core Java)

Introduction to java (6-hrs)

  • History of java
  • Features of java
  • Installation of java
  • How to set path
  • About Jdk,Jre and Jvm
  • First program in java
  • Keyword, Variable and DataType
  • Type casting
  • Unicode system
  • Operator

Control Statements (2-hrs)

  • Java if-else
  • Java switch
  • Java for loop
  • Java while loop
  • Java do while loop
  • Java Break
  • Java Continue
  • Java comments
  • Java program

OOP Concept in Java (30-hrs)

  • Static member
  • Wrapper classes
  • Command line arguments in java
  • Packages
  • Use of import keyword
  • Access modifier
  • Constructor
  • Inheritance
  • Initialization block
  • Method Overloading and Overriding
  • Keyword in java(this,super,final)
  • Constructor inheritance
  • Constructor chaining
  • Abstract class/methods
  • Interface
  • Difference between abstract class and interface
  • Garbage collector
  • Inner classes or Nested classes
  • Taking input from keyboard using Scanner class

Arrays and String (4-hrs)

  • Arrays(Single/Multidimensional)
  • String class and methods

Exceptions and Handling (6-hrs)

  • Introduction to exception handling
  • Unchecked exception handling
  • Explicit throw in java
  • Use of throws

Part-2(Advance Core Java)

Thread (6-hrs)

  • Introduction to thread
  • Thread using Runnable interface
  • Thread using Thread class
  • Thread state/priority
  • Synchronizing multiple thread

File (6-hrs)

  • Introduction to file handling
  • About File classes
  • Reading/Writing file using FileInputStream/FileOutputStream
  • Reading/Writing file using BufferedReader/BufferedWriter

Generic (4-hrs)

  • Generic classes
  • Generic methods

Java Collections (12-hrs)

  • List and ArrayList
  • LinkedList, Vector and Stack
  • HashSet and LinkedHashSet
  • SortedSet and NavigationSet
  • TreeSet
  • Queue and Map
  • Difference between Collection and Array

Applet (12-hrs)

  • Life cycle of an applet
  • How to set component in applet
  • Event handling in applet
  • Parameter passing in applet
  • How to display digital clock in applet

Java RMI (4-hrs)

Java Date (2-hrs)

Java Internationalization (3-hrs)

Java Networking (4-hrs)

Java New Features (6-hrs)

  • Annotation
  • Custom annotation

Introduction to GUI in Java (12-hrs)

  • Introduction to java.awt.* package
  • Introduction to Javax.swing.* package
  • Introducing all component of java.awt.* package in detail
  • Introducing all component of javax.swing.* package in detail

Introduction to Java JDBC (6-hrs)

  • JDBC introduction
  • JDBC Driver
  • DB Connectivity steps
  • Connectivity with Oracle
  • Connectivity with Mysql

Project Using Swing (GUI)

  1. Simple calculator
  2. Small desktop application using swing and Mysql/Oracle database